October 2018 Newsletter

Posted By on October 9, 2018


To the Owners and Tenants of Alicante,

October 2018– Board of Directors Meeting 

The October 2018 Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2018 in the Community Room beginning at 6:00pm.

Management and Engineer Schedule

From October 25th– November 11th, Engineer Patrick Freeman will be out on vacation. During this time, Management will be sitting onsite full time. Management will have inspections and other business to attend to in the San Diego Office for other Associations now and then if not seen in the office during this time. For all emergencies, please remember to call 800-400-2284.

Alicante Holiday Party 

Mark your calendars the holiday party has been scheduled for Thursday, November 29th. More details to follow. If you would like to volunteer to help with set up or clean up please contact Management.

Alicante Insurance 

Alicante’s Insurance renewed on October 1st. Many of your own providers ask for a copy of the certificate of insurance. A copy of the new certificate  can be found on the homeowner portal or on the Alicante website at the following Link.

Alicante Landscape

Management is aware of the condition of some of the hedges in the landscape and is working to rectify as soon as possible.

Fitness Room Refresh Project 

It’s done!  Visit the Fitness Room to check out the updates!

Next Refresh Project

The Common Area Enhancement Committee is going to take a break now that the Fitness Room Project is complete. In January 2019 the committee will resume investigations for the next Common Area Refresh Project.

EV Charger Investigation

In support of the trend toward the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the Board is exploring two options for accommodating EV Chargers in the Alicante Garage:

1) The Installation of Association-owned EV Chargers in Association-owned parking spots. The Association-owned EV Chargers would be accessible to Residents who have garage access. Residents who use these EV Chargers would pay for the electricity delivered to their EVs.

2) Upgrading Alicante infrastructure so it is easier / less costly for Condo Unit Owners (and Business Unit Owners) to install their own EV Chargers in their deeded parking spots in the Alicante Garage. In these cases, the Owner’s EV Charger, its installation in an Owner’s deeded parking spot, its connection to Alicante’s EV charging infrastructure and the electricity for vehicle charging would be at the Owner’s expense.

Related considerations for both options (e.g.; costs, related community rules & regulations, etc.) are still under investigation.  Look for more information in the future.

New Fitness Room Roku TV

The new Fitness Room TV is a “smart TV” that allows access to local TV channels (from Alicante’s antenna) and streaming TV (Hulu, Netflix, etc.).  There are two options for watching local channels:

For Choose Comment
Live TV  

Antenna TV app


Local channels: ABC, Azteca, CBS, PBS, NBC, etc.
Hulu app News: CNN, FOXNEWS, MSNBC, etc.


Sports: BTN, ESPN/2, FS1, FS2, NBCSN, etc.


Movies: FXM, TCM, etc.


Live: ABC10, CBS8, FOX5, NBC7, etc.


Other: A&E, Bravo, Food Network, HGTV, National Geographic, etc.


Info sheets placed near the new TV have additional details.

Fitness Room TV Watching Options

The new exercise machines have device holders. So, you may want to enjoy your streaming service on your tablet / smart-phone while you exercise. (“AlicanteGym” Wi-Fi network, password <none>).

Condo Inspections

The Board, Management and Building Engineer, Patrick Freeman created a condo inspection checklist that we think you will appreciate. The checklist is to guide Owners in reviewing the state of various systems in their condos. The checklist provides recommendations for related OMC bulletins, where appropriate. The checklist and the OMC bulletins were sent via an email from Management.

Avoid Costly Sink Backups

The disposal may grind it, but Alicante’s pipes cannot handle grease, scraps, cornhusks, egg shells, peels (apples, carrots, etc.), oils/butters, excessive soap, coffee grounds, or rice. Moreover, since condos are stacked, a drain issue in one condo likely impacts those above/below. Please remember – and ask cleaning staff to remember – to avoid the items listed to help keep Alicante’s drains flowing.

Rental Leases

Per the Association’s Rules and Regulations, if you are renting your unit, please remember to send Management a copy of your lease. This information is necessary for many reasons, mainly for emergency purposes.  In the event of an evacuation, the authorities require us to have an updated list of who is in the building.  By not providing your lease and tenant’s information, we will not know who to look for if there was an evacuation situation.  This information is kept confidential. Please remember to submit this information every time you have a new tenant!  You can submit to kthomson@actionlife.com  or mplascencia@actionlife.com.

Architectural Applications

If you are thinking about making a change in your unit that would require architectural committee review and approval, please plan well in advance.  Per the Architectural Guidelines, the Committee is allotted 30-45 days for review.  It is also recommended to wait before setting a schedule with your contractor until an approval has been awarded.

Alicante Committees

There are four committees at Alicante:

·         The Architectural Committee reviews Architectural Applications submitted by owners.

·         The Common Area Enhancement Committee works on common area décor, such as the lobby.

·         The Owner Maintenance Committee provides information on maintaining condo systems.

·         The Social Committee plans and hosts gatherings, like the Annual holiday party.

If you are a member who is interested in serving the Community but cannot dedicate the time to serve as a Board Member, joining a committee may be perfect for you!  Please contact management at kthomson@actionlife.com for more details.  Alternately, Owners may view the various committee charters on Vivo Portal.

Contact Information

In the event you change your email address or phone number, please remember to advise management.  This allows us to continue to communicate important reminders to you!

Insurance Reminder

Owners, please be reminded you are required to have individual owners insurance.  Should you have any questions as to what your policy should cover, please review the CC&R’s for owners’ responsibility.  Should you have renters or are a renter, it is good practice to obtain renters’ insurance, in the event an emergency were to occur.


Just a reminder that all moves and deliveries must be scheduled with Management at least a week in advance.  Please note that the rate for a 4-hour window has increased to $160. A general rule of thumb is if it takes more than one person to move it, then a move must be scheduled.  The reason is simply to protect the building from sustaining damage during a move.  Please be advised that if you are found to have had an unscheduled move, you will be subject to hearing and fine.  If you are unsure of the scope of your move or would like to schedule a move, please contact the General Manager.

Maintenance Responsibilities

In case you are ever curious as to who is responsible for what, or find yourself in a situation where you don’t know if you should call Management or your own vendor, please see the Maintenance Matrix posted in the mailroom glass case.  We pulled this information from the Alicante CC&Rs.

Monthly Association Meetings

Just a reminder that each month’s Owners Board meetings includes an Open Session where Owners may discuss concerns with the Board, as well as listen while the Board discusses Association matters.  Owners are encouraged to attend!


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